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Oaks in the Ahwahnee Hills Regional Park


The south end of the park is primarily meadow dotted with grand old Black & Valley Oaks, as seen here from inside the barn during a rainstorm. The north end of the park begins trending towards hillside and non-deciduous Interior Live Oaks, which aren't as majestic looking, though the northwest section of the hiking loop also hosts the widest variety and density of wildflower species and the northeast section is home to a 15-acre pond.

To the north of the hiking loop lies a 160-acre stretch of brush and live oaks that was added to the park in 2015 and doesn't have any trails through it yet (see the trail map). While Madera County supplied the land for the park, it doesn't provide funding; the park is run by a non-profit board, and while they're occasionally able to win grants for work that requires licensed contractors, park maintenance and improvements are largely the work of volunteers. Which is a roundabout way of saying that it may be a while before there are trails through this area of the park.