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Contacting Yosemite Hikes

Thinking of sending your compliments to yosemitehikes.com? Inconceivable as it may seem, you've found the one page out of the billions on the web that can show you how. And probably on your first try, too. Don't let anyone tell you you're not a genius.

You can send your salutations and sweet nothings to this address:

Maybe someone will even write back! Who knows? In such an immense universe, it's possible that stranger things have happened.

Should I link to Yosemite Hikes from my website, blog, Facebook profile, etc.?

Yes. In fact, it's probably safe to say that this is the reason you were put on earth. Nothing tells a website "I love you" like links, although reviews of the hikes you've done (see the next topic) are also very nice.

What should I do after I get back from Yosemite?

Come back to yosemitehikes.com and add your own reviews for the hikes you went on. Haven't you noticed the "Add a Review" links for all the hikes? And isn't your opinion more valuable than anybody else's? Do the world a favor and let us all know what you think.

Am I worthy of following Yosemite Hikes on Twitter?

You're overqualified. Still, if you'd like to know when new pages are added to the site and get other occasional notifications of a somewhat random nature, this is the place.

Should I get a yosemitehikes.com tattoo?

Absolutely. And you know where.

You know what I like to read? Privacy Policies.

Here you go.

Here I am, still reading away, even though I received explicit instructions a few paragraphs ago to go link to Yosemite Hikes.

Are you trying to make the Internet cry? You probably don't have the tattoo yet, either.

Sometimes I struggle to find a topic. What sorts of things do other people write to you about?

Good question! Here's a sampling of letters from other Yosemite Hikes enthusiasts:

This "Yosemite" sounds like a great place! Where'd you say it was again?
    As always,
    Christopher Columbus

Thanks for pulling your punches at our last encounter! My crew still thinks I'm the baddest man in the Caribbean. I owe you one.
    Kindest regards,

Did you know that was a permanent marker you signed with? But that's OK, because now I can take my ambrosia baths without worrying about it coming off.
    Yours 'til Yosemite Falls,
    Helen of Troy

I wonder if you could give my librettist a hand with an opera we're working on? He needs three rhymes for "Tuolumne Meadows" and as many as you can think of for "dishabille".
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Do you really think I should take a winter coat to Moscow? I'll be back in a couple weeks, you know.
    With respect,
    Napoleon Bonaparte

If you could drop by the Empire Theatre at your earliest convenience and show me the knack of slipping these chains, I'd certainly be grateful. The audience is growing a bit restless.
    Many happy returns,
    Harry Houdini

Are you sure about that "four score" line? Won't I sound like a football announcer?
    Abraham Lincoln

What if the dogs were playing poker during a boating party? Has that been done before?
    Fraternally yours,
    Pierre-Auguste Renoir

So I like Yosemite Hikes. Is there anything I can do to contribute to its continued existence?

Sure! See the support page for various ways you can help.