Purple Owl's Clover along the Hite Cove trail

Purple Owl's Clover

If you're too masculine to have this much pink on your desktop,1 just remember that Owl's Clover is this color because it feeds exclusively on the blood of woodland fairies and forest nymphs, which it slaughters in a manner too horrific to describe. What, you didn't know that fairies and forest nymphs had pink blood? It's only natural that you wouldn't know anything about them, since you're so unbelievably masculine.

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1 If you're not that masculine after all, you should know that this is a lie. Owl's Clover is actually made out of true love.
2 For even more scientific information about Owl's Clover, see the Purple Owl's Clover entry in the Yosemite Wildflower Guide.