Yosemite Wallpapers Terms of Use

Thanks for visiting this page! Your sense of ethics and fair play is truly noble. Clearly the purpose of all those thousands of years of humanity's striving and suffering has been to produce someone like you, and it's an honor to have you read the following paragraphs.

What You Can Do With The Free Wallpapers

You can use these images as your desktop wallpaper. You can edit them, or delete them, or sing songs to them, or worship them as gods, or do just about anything else you can do to an image on your computer, as long as it's not one of the things-you-can't-do exceptions listed below.

What You Can't Do With Them

You can't redistribute any of these images. This includes uploading them to websites, hotlinking to them from another website, copying them to discs or other media and then sending them to other people, or in general, anything that involves transferring one of these images from your computer to another person. There are a few exceptions: you can print a single copy for, say, something to pin up on the wall of your cubicle to brighten your day, or to make a card to send to your wonderful mother who you don't call enough. Please understand that this must be strictly on a non-commercial, one-to-one, one-off kind of scale, and it would be lovely of you to mention that the image comes from yosemitehikes.com when you do so.

What About Links?

This website is starved for affection, and there's nothing it likes better than being linked to. So go ahead! Link to it1 from your website, or from somebody else's website; link to it from websites in this and in any and all parallel universes2; link to it while you're in the rain or on a train; link to it while you're in the park or in the dark; link to it when you're on the roam or safe at home; link to it while you're eating an orange or when you're doing something that doesn't rhyme with any fruits you can think of. Just link to it and don't worry about the consequences, which are likely to be all good anyway.

1 Please link to the main wallpapers page (https://www.yosemitehikes.com/toys/wallpapers.htm) or to one of the specific wallpaper pages rather than linking directly to the JPEG files.

2 When linking to this website from another universe, please be sure to link to the version in this universe.