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Trail sign on the Lyell Canyon Trail

Take this Fork at Your Peril

It's almost like the stewards of Yosemite don't want you to see Lyell Canyon, the way they keep throwing distractions up when you try to get there. This fork heads west directly away from the canyon. The campground referred to here is the Tuolumne Meadows Campground, which you can drive directly to. You can cut more than a mile off your hike to Elizabeth Lake by starting from its official trailhead at the far end of the same campground. And you can cut the distance to the Sunrise High Sierra Camp nearly in half by starting at the Sunrise Lakes trailhead just west of Tenaya Lake - although the longer trail will take you past Upper Cathedral Lake, a highly recommended hike. If your goal is Lyell Canyon, though, take the left fork instead of this one.