Facing north across Lower Gaylor Lake

Lower Gaylor Lake - Facing North

At right is the unnamed 11,000-foot peak that features in the cover photo. It's slightly lower than the peak behind it, which is also unnamed. It's surprising that for more than a hundred years the nation's congressmen have been able to resist the opportunity to slip a I-hearby-name-this-peak rider onto an appropriations bill; if I were a senator, this would be my top priority come Valentine's Day. (It worked for Charles Hoffmann, after all.) But apparently our legislators are pure of heart, steel of spine, and utterly incorruptible. It must be heartbreaking to be a lobbyist in America.

This photo was shot with an extreme wide angle focal length (10 mm), so in person the lake's far shore will appear much closer and the mountains more imposing than they do here.