Broad-Leaved Lotus (Hosackia crassifolia var. crassifolia) flowers

Broad-Leaved Lotus (Hosackia crassifolia var. crassifolia)

Aliases:  Big Deervetch

Formerly known as:  Lotus crassifolius var. crassifolius

Family:  Pea (Fabaceae)

Where to find it:  In forest openings at the park's low to middle elevations. I've seen it in multiple spots in Yosemite Valley and along the Wawona Meadow trail, both of which are at around 4,000 feet (1,200 meters).

Blooms:   May - August

Lifespan:  Perennial

Origins:  Native to California (see distribution maps for California and U.S./Canada)

Hosackia crassifolia etymology:  Hosackia honors American physician and botanist David Hosack (1769 - 1835), who established the first public botanical garden in the United States (New York's Elgin Botanical Garden) and attended Alexander Hamilton after his duel with Aaron Burr. Crassifolia is an amalgamation of Latin words for 'thick' (crassus) and 'leaf' (folium), and means thick-leaved. [1] [2] [3]

This Photo:  Along the edge of Cook's Meadow, Yosemite Valley, late May

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