alpine lily bloom closeup

Alpine Lily (Lilium parvum)

Aliases:  Sierra Tiger Lily, Small Tiger Lily, Small Leopard lily

Family:  Lily (Liliaceae)

Habitat:  Stream banks and meadows, from roughly 4,000 - 9,000 feet elevation. It's often seen in the meadows along Glacier Point Road, and I've also seen it in the west end of Yosemite Valley and in large numbers along the southern side of Wawona Meadow. It seems to be more likely to appear along the edges of meadows than in the fracas in the center, preferring to hold itself aloof from the common fray - this flower, let's face it, is hot and knows it. Alpine Lilies are the Laker Girls of the High Sierra.

Blooms:  June - August

Lifespan:  Perennial (bulb)

Origins:  Native (see distribution maps for California and US/Canada)

Size:  Plants from 1.5 - 6 feet tall, flowers 2 -3 inches across

Lilium parvum etymology:  Lilium comes from the Greek word for Lily, and parvum is a Latin term meaning "small".

This Photo:  In Summit Meadow (along Glacier Point Road between Badger Pass and the McGurk Meadow trailhead), mid July

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