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Tenaya Lake, Yosemite

Tenaya Lake

This photo is from a short ways up the dome across the road from Olmsted Point, taken the day the Tioga Road opened in 2011. Tioga Road Opening Day is the best day of the year, and why it's not a national holiday has never been adequately explained.

This particular opening day climaxed with a freakishly colorful sunset, especially heavy on the purples - or on whatever you care to call the colors in this photo, at any rate. As the sunset developed, it looked like something special was going to happen, and the handful of photographers spread across the area were casting anxious looks all about, somewhat like they might have done a few decades earlier when they heard the ice cream truck serenading from the next block over. When the scene before you here finally opened up, there was much rejoicing and the air was rent with manifold clicking of shutters. A lot of people went home happy that night.

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