Tuolumne Grove Trail Hiker Reviews

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I walked this trail and all I got was attacked by a giant pinecone (worth it though)
 ·  NJ  ·  August 2, 2017

The trees here are beautiful and the living and fallen giant sequoias were definitely very impressive. The bottom of the grove is where you get to see some of the largest trees in existence. You can even climb on a few fallen ones. It's an easy walk down and not too bad of a walk back up. (It's more a trail than a hike). Watch out when it's windy. I got hit by a pinecone that fell from a sequoia and it did some damage to my hand (bruised knuckles and some deep scrapes). Worth it though, for the story.

If you’ve seen one giant sequoia grove, you HAVEN’T seen ‘em all
 ·  Little Rock, Arkansas  ·  September 27, 2012

This is an enjoyable hike to and through a relatively small but nonetheless impressive grove of giant sequoias. Be aware of the long, slow descent from the parking lot to the grove, ‘cause the climbout is tougher than many realize. This trail was much more crowded than we expected – perhaps more crowded than any other trail we hiked in Yosemite.

The grove itself features a network of interconnected trail segments, so there isn’t really any way to go straight through from one end to another – just meander along until you’ve explored all the segments. Wife and I agreed that better signage is needed to direct people back onto the main roadway to exit the grove; we wondered how many directionally challenged folks take a wrong turn THINKING they’re heading back toward the parking lot only to realize they’re going in the opposite direction.

The entire area is COVERED with dogwoods; looks like we missed the bloom-out by a couple of weeks – it must be absolutely GLORIOUS when all that dogwood is in full boom!

Having experienced the much-larger Mariposa Grove, we weren’t sure seeing another grove of giant sequoias would be worth our time and energy, but the Tuolumne Grove is an entirely different type of experience. (Once we finished touring the Tuolumne Grove, though, we did decide to forego the Merced Grove.)

By all means, see the magnificent Mariposa Grove – but don’t miss out on a thoroughly enjoyable experience at the Tuolumne Grove.

Nice trail to walk on snow in May
 ·  San Francisco  ·  May 9, 2011

It was so amazing to hike on snow and to see the giant sequoias. Kids had a lot of fun to go into the tunnel and to explore the dead sequoia. Moreover this trail is not so crowded.