Tenaya Lake Reviews

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Beautiful short hike
 ·  Fish Camp / San Diego  ·  July 15, 2021

This was a very easy, pleasant walk around the lake. The only "downside" was the short walk on the road. The views were gorgeous most of the way around, and I enjoyed the shady walk through the trees. This is a great little hike if you're with people who can't go long distances, but want to enjoy nature.

My favorite lake in Yosemite
 ·  Sacramento  ·  July 23, 2020

Tenaya Lake is beautiful, a mirror lake, the lake background changes its color depending on where the sun is located. We had a magnificent photo. Been twice to this place with visitors coming from out of state.

Round Tenaya Lake
 ·  Pinole, CA  ·  September 10, 2016

Simply one of the easiest and most scenic of the Yosemite area hikes. Formed by the same glacier that brought you Half Dome, it is one of the highest altitude lakes in California. I prefer to start the hike at the East End (no one parks there, plus after the hike, you can beach it or swim). Bathrooms are clean - usually, unless it's high summer tourism season. Not unusual to see varied wild life on the south walk around the lake. Depending upon the position of the sun when you set out you may want to do a clock or counter clock walk around the lake. Have a camera when you get to the west end of the lake. Stunning views on a clear, still day. Hike the rest of the way around the lake, have a picnic and beach it on the East End and maybe take a dip in the late summertime. Unless there is algae - that stuff is nasty and you don't want to take it home. Enjoy one of the most beautiful high alpine lakes around.

A pretty lakeside hike Ė once you find the trailhead
 ·  Little Rock, Arkansas  ·  September 27, 2012

We hiked this trail from the east side of the lake (shuttle stop 9) to the west side (shuttle stop 10), then caught the shuttle to our next destination rather than retracing our footsteps back to our starting point.

Thereís no clearly marked trailhead on the east side of the lake; just head around the beach clockwise until you find the trail. Sections of the trail are pretty rocky, so itís important to keep your eyes on the trail Ė which is difficult with such a beautiful lake on your right! The trail has a few ups and downs, but nothing remotely strenuous.

The lake is beautiful, particularly surrounded by all those granite domes and peaks. We were prepared with watershoes for a wet crossing on the western end, but a little rock-hopping was all that was required.

Itís tempting to think that youíve seen pretty much all there is to see of Tenaya Lake from the highway and pullouts, but itís worth taking this trail to see the views from the other side.

Serenity NOW
 ·  Orlando ·  September 26, 2012

Wow, what a great stroll around the lake. Passed maybe 4 people total on the far [no road] side. Great path always with a view. There are what appear to be some new toilets, and some areas closed, so making it totally around without walking along the road was impossible. But it didn't matter. Along the road you can look over and see climbers on the rock face. This hike proves serenity from the crowds of the valley. Enjoy!