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Tenaya Lake from Olmsted Point

When you hike to Olmsted Point, you're likely to be preoccupied by the first view that presents itself - the impressive prospect to the southwest, featuring Clouds Rest and Half Dome. If you like this photo, though, don't leave without walking over to the east end of the point, where you'll find this view larger than life. Or, more accurately, exactly as large as life. Definitely bigger than the photo here, though, which is after all only about six inches wide.

If walking another hundred feet is out of the question, you'll find a similar view from the road as you round the corner just east of Olmsted Point. There's a pullout here. Make sure to set the emergency brake before you get out.

The mountains you see encircling Tenaya Lake here are Polly Dome (9,806 feet/2,988 meters), Pywiack Dome (8,851 feet/2,697 meters), and Medlicott Dome (9,880 feet/3,011 meters), from left to right. The tallest of the bunch, Tenaya Peak (10,300 feet/3,140 meters), which protects Tenaya Lake's southern shore from whatever predators lakes have, is just offscreen to the right. You can often spot climbers on Polly Dome near the east end of the lake.

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