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Clouds Rest and Half Dome as seen from Mount Hoffmann, Yosemite Park

Clouds Rest and Half Dome from Mount Hoffmann

Hikers who've reached the summits of either Clouds Rest (9,926 feet/3,025 meters) or Half Dome (8,846 feet/2,696 meters) tend to think they're on top of the world. Which would apparently put you, from your perch on Mount Hoffmann (10,845 feet/3,305 meters), somewhere in orbit around it. And in fact, you might achieve some rapid travel through space if you're not careful in the neighborhood of the summit. The uppermost slopes of Mt. Hoffmann are shaped like a ramp, with the relatively gentle trail up the top of the southern exposure (pictured here) terminating abruptly at a sheer & unnerving dropoff over the northern side.