Lukens Lake Trail Map

Hike Distance:  1.6 miles (2.5 km) roundtrip for the red route starting from the Tioga Road; 4.6 miles (7.4 km) roundtrip for the green route starting from the White Wolf Lodge
Lukens Lake Elevation:  8,200 feet (2,460 meters)
Total Elevation gain:  200 feet (60 meters) for the short route; 300 feet (90 meters) for the long route

The red line marks the shorter trail (1.6 miles/2.5 km round trip) to Lukens Lake, starting from the Tioga Road. It's got a dramatic entrance, emerging from dark woods into a wildflower-crammed (at the right times of year) meadow on the near shore of the lake.

The green line shows the longer route (4.6 miles/7.4 km round trip) starting from the White Wolf Lodge. Though the road isn't easily visible on this map, you can drive directly to the trailhead. Be sure to stay right (en route to the lake, anyway) on the two forks in the trail. The first left fork goes to Harden Lake (3.6 miles/5.8 km away) and branches again to go east to the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne or west to the Hetch Hetchy area. The second left fork goes to Ten Lakes Pass (6.6 miles/10.6 km away) and continues from there to the Polly Dome Lakes and eventually to Tenaya Lake, among other destinations.

Both routes manage to go around the mountains, rather than over them, and have little net elevation gain. The longer route will require you to ford the Middle Fork of the Tuolumne River.