Half Dome as seen from Clouds Rest, Yosemite Park

Half Dome from Clouds Rest

Even from Clouds Rest you can see how the rock beneath the Half Dome cable route has been worn smooth by the feet of thousands of travelers. Hence yosemitehikes.com's advice to wear grippy shoes when you take on Half Dome. From Clouds Rest, though, this is somebody else's problem entirely, and you can amuse yourself with more leisurely topics like figuring out where the summit of Clouds Rest would rank on your list of worst places to be during an earthquake.

The bump sticking up from the next ridge over is Sentinel Dome, and though it's hard to pick out, the Glacier Point cafeteria/store is also visible in this photo; click on the photo to see its location highlighted.

The Half Dome photo gallery includes a view looking back to this spot from just below the cables.