Taft Point Trail Satellite View

View Sentinel Dome & Taft Point in a larger map

Note: if you're on a cell phone, you'll probably need to zoom the map out a bit to see the trail.

Distance:  2.2 miles (3.5 km) round trip
Trailhead Elevation:  7,700 feet (2,345 meters)
Taft Point Elevation:  7,500 feet (2,285 meters)
Elevation Change:  200 feet (60 meters) descent

The Squiggly Lines: A Key

The yellow line is the trail to Taft Point, starting at the giant green hikers and stopping, like you should as well, just before it would plunge over the valley rim.

The red line is the trail to Sentinel Dome, starting again at the green giant hikers and ending on top of the dome.

The purple line is a section of the Pohono Trail that serves as a backdoor route between Taft Pont and Sentinel Dome. This trail has impressive views of its own over the valley rim, and it's common to use this trail as a connector and visit both Taft Point and Sentinel Dome on the same trip.

The cyan line is the service road to Sentinel Dome. It's shorter than the main Sentinel Dome trail but not a great choice if you're including Taft Point in your itinerary.