McGurk Meadow Trail Reviews

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McGurk Meadow
 ·  Fresno ·  November 6, 2016

"McGurk Meadow," the meadow that the article talks about, is actually only an annex to the main meadow, which can be accessed by turning left past the bridge and walking about a quarter mile on the edge of the open land and through a wooded area. This opens out onto an absolutely beautiful meadow which stretches for a mile or more. An "island" of rocks and conifers is in the middle of this meadow, and is a magical place all its own. For birders, this is a premier place to see and hear owls, especially in the summer.

A pleasant little stroll
 ·  Little Rock, Arkansas  ·  September 27, 2012

This is a nice little trail with a pleasant (if not spectacular) payoff. The remains of John McGurk’s cabin are an interesting sight along the way.

The medium-sized meadow is pretty, although we missed most of the wildflowers. We ventured just a bit beyond the short footbridge that crosses the brook to see the meadow from the “backside.”

The McGurk Meadow Trail is, as advertised, “one of Yosemite’s most leisurely strolls” – a welcome change of pace from the park’s numerous mountain trails.

just out and about
 ·  Oakhurst, CA ·  May 29, 2012

I was just out for the day and was heading for Glacier Point, saw the sign & decided to stop. I'm recovering from a torn acl & mcl in my knee so i have to be very careful but figured I could always turn around if it proved to be too much. So glad the sign caught my eye!! I loved the little cabin and I was able to get some pics of a yellow belly marmot that kept popping his head out of a stump right next to it. the meadow was beautiful and whole hike was perfect.