Turtleback Dome Trail Satellite View

Distance:  1.2 miles (2 km) round trip

Trailhead Elevation:  4,920 feet (1,500 meters)
Turtleback Dome Elevation:  5,280 feet (1,610 meters)
Total Elevation Gain:  360 feet (110 meters)

The Turtleback Dome service road starts at the trailhead (see the green hikers at left) and ends at the first set of sheds on the dome, which should be visible here unless you're on a really tiny screen. At this spot you have views to the western foothills but not to Yosemite Valley in the east. A trail here, fairly easily found, ducks behind a large boulder and through the trees to the second set of sheds, where you'll find views both west and east, plus the El Capitan and Turtleback Dome & Air Quality webcams perched well overhead.