Oh My Gosh Point, Yosemite Falls

Oh My Gosh Point

What's it like to lean over the railing at Oh My Gosh Point? Check out the crane shot in the Yosemite Nature Notes Moonbows episode for a good preview (albeit at a different waterfall). Acrophobics should stay well away from here.

This viewpoint is accessed via a short spur off the Upper Yosemite Falls trail. The lower fall (320 feet high) is visible at left, and the bridge that's the destination of the lower falls trail cuts across the right side of the photo.

This photo shows only a fraction of the view at Oh My Gosh Point; you can actually see all the way up to the top of the upper falls from here - of the 2,425 feet of falling water that constitutes Yosemite Falls, you're only seeing the bottom 320 feet in this shot. Photographers may never find a greater temptation to buy a fisheye lens than a visit to this spot.