Inspiration Point Hiker Reviews

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Incomparable Views
 ·  Oakhurst  ·  July 27, 2016

My friend and I did this hike today in 90 degree plus weather. We did the alternate hike from the pullout along Hwy 41 between Tunnel View and Bridalveil. Discovering the old Yosemite Stagecoach Road was a great history portion of the hike as was the benchmark. Coming down we missed the sign to Bridalveil-how we did we both don\'t know (there are two signs) but we got the overview of the Tunnel View parking lot before climbing back to the old road to continue on to our car. We did get a few clouds beginning around noon and that added great depth to the view from the top and along the way. Once back down to Hwy 41, we headed for a swim at Sentinel Bridge in the valley-super refreshing! Thanks for your great description of the hike. By the way, the poison oak along the trail close to the Tunnel View Parking lot was another clue that we were on the wrong return path!

Postcard photo opportunities all along the way!
 ·  Lancaster PA  ·  August 28, 2015

This was not a hike for the faint hearted, plus early in the hike we stayed straight rather than turning to the left so a marker would be great, but at various points along the way the trees parted and our photos and memories are amazing!

Move along, Nothing to see here
 ·  Erie PA  ·  June 28, 2014

Terrible hike. No view due to tree cover. Don't waste your time on the hike all the way up. If tunnel view stop is not enough for you hike up about .5 miles to a tree clearing on the right of trail. The clearing 1/4 of the way up offers better views and photo ops than the top.

Not worth the effort
 ·  Massachusetts  ·  July 4, 2013

Disappointing hike with minimal views. Only worth while if you run out of other hikes from the valley.

Not worth it.
 ·  Orange, CA  ·  June 30, 2013

I did this hike late in the afternoon of our first day to Yosemite. I found the hike to be very, very tough, and the terrain was tricky. But not only was it exhausting, I didn't feel that it was worth it at all. The view was innocuous, which isn't the type of adjective one would like to give to a Yosemite hike. My only inspiration would be to never do the hike again.

Better options available
 ·  Central Florida  ·  July 14, 2012

I don't mean to sound negative about the hike. It is not a bad hike, but there are other options I like far better.

For a better overlook, and for much less effort, do the Artist Point hike instead. If you choose to do the Inspiration Point hike, take the time to go to Artist Point on the way down.

I thought the Inspiration Point view of the Valley was very similar to the Tunnel View, but I am probably wrong.

Reward for the effort: 2 out of 5.

escape the crowds, stairmaster for a few hours
 ·  Connecticut  ·  July 12, 2011

We parked easily at tunnel view today (despite a massive tourist day mid July) and barely stopped to take in the view from the parking lot (which about 100 other people were doing). The hike was a steady climb, and we were heading up with two other groups who all gave up after about 10-15 mins. From there we were alone until we "ran into" a small brownish bear, who was very cute and scampered away quickly. The hike was quite hot in the midday sun, not a lot of cooling breezes. At the top, there is no marker that says "GO RIGHT YOU IDIOT" so we hovered for about 5 mins before venturing in the right direction. The view is similar to that of the parking lot, but at a higher elevation, and we were TOTALLY ALONE. That was worth it. All in, it took a few hours. My teenage kids are whining about being sore, but a few hours on a stairmaster never hurt anyone.