Bridalveil Fall Trail Hiker Reviews

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Worth the Wait!
 ·  CA  ·  May 31, 2024

The restoration project is complete ... the falls are as great as ever, but there are more pathways, with more view points ... and better restroom facilities.

Bridalveil in Spring
 ·  Torrance, CA  ·  May 8, 2022

Excellent, a must see especially from Hwy 41, South entrance.

Even the parking lot view is worth it. Easy walk for most all levels.

Roaring creek will be along side you to your left.

And yes, a poncho or rain gear is advised during heavy flow!

Pit toilets available at the start.

Was closed to public last year May of 2021.

Easy, short walk for a a great view
 ·  London, UK  ·  July 16, 2018

Date: February 2018

Short, easy well maintained trail from a good parking lot. We started the day up at Tunnel View at 7:20am. It was COLD. But we were wrapped up warm and it didn't bother us too much. From there we were headed down into the valley so we would have to go past Bridalveil Fall.

It's such a short and easy hike, with a fantastic end point it would be silly not to.

The view at the end is bottom up of the whole fall and quite intimate. There were a few others there but nothing like a crowd at that time of day.

Because of the time of year the off spray was freezing to the rock to the sides and a few parts fell off in sheets while we were there. Made an amazing noise.

Super easy hike and if you're doing Tunnel View and your legs work ok, it's a must do.

 ·  Ft. Worth  ·  July 13, 2018

This is an easy trail. My husband and I took this trail in June and it was very pleasant. We had no trouble walking to the base of the falls and it was a beautiful sight.

Pretty view
 ·  Massachusetts  ·  July 22, 2015

This is an easy hike with a high reward. At 8am on a weekday there were about 10 people at the trailhead. The path is short and paved. There was not much water flowing in July of this year.

Easy & Worth It!
 ·  Bakersfield  ·  April 28, 2013

This hike took only a few minutes. I am not in great shape, so I was slightly winded. My 9 year old and husband thought it was a breeze. Fun mist and fantastic photos! This is a must when in Yosemite!!

Almost as impressive up close
 ·  Little Rock, Arkansas  ·  September 27, 2012

Short, easy walk on paved path from large (but nearly full) parking lot to base of fall. Had our watershoes just in case, but didnít need Ďem (low snowmelt this year). Wife suggested we scramble on the slippery boulders to get a bit closer (as numerous others were doing), but I convinced her it was a bad idea.

Be sure to walk the road/trail that crosses Bridalveil Creek (below the fall) a couple of times Ė itís quite picturesque. Also, donít miss the great views of Bridalveil Fall from two pullouts on Northside Drive.

Bridalveil Falls in 1988
 ·  Cary, North Carolina  ·  February 27, 2012

July, 1988.

From Fresno, California, we headed up to Yosemite for the day. Fresno is at about 300 feet in the valley, and we climbed to around 7000 feet going up into the park. It was hot, but the park was a little cooler than the valley because of the altitude. The road was quite steep, but our Ford Taurus rental car had plenty of power with a V6. The park was incredibly beautiful, and probably there is nothing else quite like it on the face of the Earth. We went down into Yosemite Valley, the floor of which is a lovely meadow at about 4000 feet. We hiked around and visited several waterfalls, watched some crazy people climbing straight up the side of a sheer cliff face, and had lunch at the main lodge in the park. One waterfall was called "Bridalveil Fall" and was one of the most unusual sights I have ever seen. We were looking up from the bottom of the falls, which is made of a small stream that pours directly over a high, sheer cliff. The volume of water is not large, and the wind blows the water into a mist as it proceeds down the cliff, therefore resembling a bridalveil. The wind continually changes from right to left and blows the mist back and forth as it comes all the way to the bottom. Sometimes it even swirls around in a big arc, as if the bride were dancing around the ballroom with her handsome young husband. It was a most beautiful sight!

Easy with Big Payoff
 ·  Tulsa, OK  ·  July 22, 2011

The kids will love this hike. Short and you get wet at the end. We went late on a sunny afternoon and saw a double rainbow.