The Shop

Welcome to the yosemitehikes shop! If you'd like to help cover its costs for hosting, mileage, and wine research while actually getting something in return, then you've come to just the right page. The photos shown here are available in various sorts of media, from greeting cards to great big posters and framed prints, with printing and shipping done by Redbubble.

Some notes on what I've seen with the finished products: canvas prints tend to be lighter than other media, and art prints are a touch darker, but otherwise the various sorts of fine-art media are fairly uniform, though they won't be as shiny as you're used to seeing on your screen unless you pick something with a glossy finish, such as a metal print. The spiral notebooks are roughly 6 x 8.25 inches, rather than the 8.5 x 11 or A4 you might have been expecting, and are somewhat boutiquey compared to what you'd pay for a spiral notebook at your local office supply. You are likely to have the only one on your block, though. The various sorts of apparel and household furnishings that Redbubble offers don't seem like a great match for photography, so I've disabled them for the most part, but if you really think you want a photo of Half Dome splashed all over a pair of leggings, let me know.