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Varied-Leaf Nemophila (Nemophila heterophylla) flower cluster

Varied-Leaf Nemophila (Nemophila heterophylla)

Aliases:  Small Baby Blue Eyes, White Nemophila

Family:  Waterleaf (Hydrophyllaceae)

Varied-Leaf Nemophila has tiny flowers, smaller around than a dime, but they grow in clusters and make up in quantity what they lack in girth. The plant grows in the lower reaches of Yosemite and in the surrounding foothills of the western slope. It favors semi-shady areas, such as at the base of a rock or log.

Blooms:  March - July

Lifespan:  Annual

Origins:  Native (see distribution maps for California and US/Canada)

Nemophila heterophylla etymology:  Nemophila means "woodland-loving"; it's a mashup of Latin (nemos, grove) and Greek (philos, love). Heterophylla is a Latin term meaning "different leaves". [1] [2]

This Photo:  Above the Fresno River near Oakhurst, late April

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