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Bladder Parsnip (Lomatium utriculatum) flowers

Bladder Parsnip (Lomatium utriculatum)

Aliases:  Common Lomatium, Spring Gold, Hog Fennel

Family:  Carrot (Apiaceae)

Blooms:  March - May

Lifespan:  Perennial

Origins:  Native to California (see distribution maps for California and U.S./Canada)

Lomatium utriculatum etymology:  Both Lomatium and utriculatum refer to the plant's fruit. Lomatium means "bordered" and is variously reported as either Latin or Greek in origin. Utriculatum appears to be of Latin origin. It's related to the root for, variously, wineskin[1] or bagpiper[2], and generally means inflated or bladder-like in botanical circles. [3] [4]

This Photo:  In the Ahwahnee Hills Regional Park, late April

Other Resources:   CalFlora  ·  CalPhotos  ·  USDA

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