Unicorn Peak from the western edge of Tuolumne Meadows

The Meadow's Western Edge

If you follow the trail that skirts the meadow's edge along Pothole Dome's east side, you'll encounter this view near the trail's northern end, although you'll need to be facing back towards the trailhead to see it.

I wanted to linger at this spot and soak up the scenery for a few hours, but my timing was bad - I showed up right after a rift in the space-time fabric opened up and dumped swarms of pan-galactic Deet-resistant mosquitoes onto this spot, making me the unwitting object of a celestial feeding frenzy. I hung on for only a few minutes before I began to grow weak from blood loss and, barely conscious, realized that I had to make a break for it. I eventually reached the trailhead again, pallid and weary but thankful to be alive.

Your experience may differ.