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Tenaya Lake from the dome north of Olmsted Point

Tenaya Lake from the Dome North of Olmsted Point

As mentioned on the main hike page, the dome that has sprouted up across the road from Olmsted Point narrows to a ridge at its peak, and your view of Tenaya Lake from this peak will be partially obstructed by a tree that has, no doubt for excellent reasons, chosen to grow sideways across the ridge. Perhaps it's an eldritch gatekeeper of some sort. But it turns out that climbing over the tree is entirely feasible, even when you're encumbered by a tripod, bag of lenses, hangover, and all the other baggage you need to carry around when you run a Yosemite website, and the ridge continues beyond the tree all the way to the next mountain to the east. Once over the tree, you'll get unobstructed views of the lake (like this one, for instance) that show you more of the surface than you see from the lower vantage points at Olmsted Point. On the downside, from here the most scenic parts of Mt. Conness are hidden by Polly Dome (compare with this photo from a bit farther south).