White Cascade from the Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp
White Cascade
This is the unofficial turnaround point for the Glen Aulin day hike. You can get here by crossing both bridges (it'll be obvious once you get here) and wandering through the High Sierra Camp to the river bank.
While you're here, stop by the High Sierra Camp store to pick up an haute couture souvenir to remember your hike by. If you're seeking a special gift for, say, some visiting royalty or your 25th wedding anniversary, keep in mind that this year's chic hikers are all wearing the scarves with Glen Aulin maps printed on them.
Besides having a particularly exclusive inventory, the High Sierra Camp store boasts impeccable, or at least unusual, environmental credentials. Next time you're at the mall and a clerk starts hyping the recycled materials in their clothing, ask them how much of their merchandise is delivered by mule train.