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Glen Aulin Trail Reviews

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The best of the Sierra Camps
 ·  Victorville CA the high desert ·  October 18, 2016

If you only have time for one camp, do this one! The falls are amazing, stay two nights and hike down to Waterwheel Falls and back out.

Trip down memory lane
 ·  Genoa, NV ·  August 11, 2015

Forty years ago I hiked this trail with boyfriend Kevin N. and we camped next to the White Cascade Pond. It was a level hike, safe, beautiful, and serene. We saw a marmot on the way. We hung our food up high from bears. Seeing these pictures is a trip down memory lane. Then I hiked it again with boyfriend Ken M. but didn't camp. Round trip hike. I have a girl friend hiking this trail as I write. She will be staying in a cabin though. I'll have to do it again.

Muir and Ansel eat your hearts out
 ·  SLC ·  May 23, 2015

Waterwheel Falls and all the others were incredible during rain and snow storm. Saw only one other person all day. Water cascades off of granite walls not there when the sky is not dripping. A third of a mile in knee deep water on the trail just below Glen A area. Three inches of snow on the car when I return at dusk. Tioga Road closed, white knuckle driving back down, a ranger unlocked the gate to let me out.

Easily the most beautiful solitude filled hike I have ever done. Helps to clear the head.

May 20, 2015. 11:30 to 7 pm

A hike with a lot of variety
 ·  Santa Clarita, CA ·  September 11, 2014

Hiked this trail on 9/9/14. This is an excellent day hike and a good choice for a first hike at high elevation because it is flat for quite a while before you descend down to the Glen Aulin camp. The beginning of the hike is mild, but offers many nice views of meadows (including Tuolumne) and surrounding peaks. There are several granite slabs to cross, and it is easy to wander off the trail a little. However, if you use the cairns (and a little logic), you shouldn't stray too far off the beaten path. Plus, it isn't always bad to explore a little near the river if you have the time. The 2nd half of the hike is more exciting, especially for those who enjoy a raging river with some small waterfalls in the middle leading to a larger waterfall at the Glen Aulin camp. Not Yosemite Falls mind you, but still visually impressive, and one of the few waterfalls that appears to run all the time in the Tioga Road portion of Yosemite. My daughter and I finished the hike in about 7 hours (6 hours hiking, 1 hour hanging around the waterfall/pool at Glen Aulin). Interestingly, even though the hike out is a descent, both there and back took about the same amount of time. A lot of the downhill is rocky, which for some is easier to climb than descend. This is one of those hikes that is worth repeating, and is probably different at different times of the year, and depending on the snowpack of the previous winter. Our version had slightly less of a waterfall (but still decent), but absolutely no mosquitos (no repellant either). We also saw a browner view of Tuolumne Meadow. Bring a decent amount of water (I used 70 ounces), give or take, if you do this as a day hike in temperatures above 70.

Do Go There!
 ·  Milly Valley ·  June 14, 2014

I've hiked to Glen Aulin 2x from Hetch Hetchy many years ago and thoughts of these hikes still linger. I'm gearing up for a 3rd hike June 2014 and can't wait. Amazing natural wonders all around; how can you regret a hike anywhere and why does the drop down menu even offer options other than 5 stars?

Photo-Hike of Glen Aulin Trail
 ·  Towson, MD ·  August 1, 2013

For a 56 year-old sea level East Coaster with a 20-pound backpack including a tripod, this was a strenuous workout. Plenty of great shots to be had the entire length of the trail. Three+ miles pushing four into the hike is where the Tuolumne gets into serious downhill mode - and the cascades and waterfalls put on a stellar display. The trail is very easy to follow; at the Delaney Creek Crossing opted for the log-walk/rock-skip rather than off the boots and socks to ford about a foot of recent snow-melt water - the photo gear didn't take a bath in either direction. Eleven hours total time. Lessons learned between this hike and Stanford Point off Glacier Point Road is that the treadmill at home will see use year-long. My thanks to YosemiteHikes.com for once again providing great, tongue-in-cheek guidance. That neutered cat is something to see and hear...

Didn't want this hike to end
 ·  Harpers Ferry, WV ·  June 17, 2012

We are a couple of avid day hikers in our early 40's who were interested in this hike because of the relatively little elevation change (we are used to east coast elevations) and the "gorgeous scenery" reported by others. We started out at 9:00 and finished around 4:00. We did not rush, and stopped many times to take pictures, sit by the river, look at tadpoles, wade at Glen Aulin and eat snacks/lunch. We had full camelbaks as it was a pretty hot day (high of 86?, according to Intellicast's weather history).

This hike had everything! We saw several deer grazing and marmots sunning on rocks as we walked through the meadow/boulder field behind Soda Springs. The forest gave way to open rocky surfaces with cairns guiding the way. The river flowed along with us. After crossing a pair of two new-looking wooden bridges, the trail became steeper and the views opened up. The trail steadily declined through rock and forest (in an alternating shade/sun, mosquito/mosquito-free pattern). The roar of cascades and Tuolumne Falls beckoned us down the path and we reached the Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp. Chilly water was a feet treat, but could only stand the cold briefly!

Up and out was slow going as we did our little stutter steps to avoid gasping for air. This worked out just fine as we continued to enjoy the scenery in reverse order. We saw two runners (one barefoot!) and several groups, pairs and single hikers (both backpackers and day hikers).

A great day, and really, didn't want this hike to end! (although the chicken pizza and Mammoth brews were a pretty good happy ending).