Chilnualna Falls Trail Satellite View

Distance:  8.4 miles (13.5 km) round trip
Trailhead Elevation:  4,200 feet (1,280 meters)
Elevation Gain:  2,300 feet (700 meters)

Key to the squiggly lines: the red line marks Chilnualna Falls Road. From Highway 41 (the blue line that nips across the corner of the map), you'll find it a short ways north of the Merced River bridge, which itself is just north of the Wawona Hotel and market. Once you're on Chilnualna Falls Road, you'll reach the trailhead parking lot in a little under two miles. Yes, those are private homes you're driving past here - this is one of the three enclaves of private property in Yosemite (Foresta and Aspen Valley are the others). The green line shows the route of the actual trail.