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Bodie Hiker Reviews

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Bodie Hike
 ·  The "Couv" ·  June 14, 2016

I wouldn't refer to it as a hike. Some people walk further to their mail box. But it is a great place to visit. I used to live nearby and I stopped in at Bodie often. I highly recommend it. Not to be missed.

 ·  United States ·  July 6, 2014

I visited June 2013 from tropical Orlando. Personally, I stopped many times along the way to take pictures of plants and a large sheep herd. If you love history, make sure to buy the guide book as you enter the ranger station, and try to take the official tour. Visit the small museum and buy a souvenir. Not much to add to this quiet, introspective side trip. Remember to bring your own refreshments, it is dry and gets hot, and dogs on leash are welcome. Children without proper background knowledge on Bodie, and the relevance of its history, may or may not appreciate the experience, as I witnessed on my visit.