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Entrance to the Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort in Midpines, California

Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort - Midpines, California

6979 Highway 140 · (866) 826-7108 · Map · Street View · Reviews · Website

The Yosemite Bug is a large property encompassing a spa, a hiking trail, a highly regarded restaurant, and a wide range of lodging options (no conventional hotel rooms, though).

The cheapest option is the hostel lodging, at $28 - $38 per person. The Bug has one 12-bed female-only hostel room, one 12-bed male-only hotel room, and one 12-bed coed room. Each of these has private baths. Guests in the four additional 4-bed hostel rooms must use the property's shared baths. Bedding is provided.

Tent cabins are the next step up, 12 uninsulated and 4 insulated, with prices from $40 - $90, depending on season. A staple of the Yosemite area, tent cabins have wooden floors with canvas walls and ceilings. The insulated tent cabins also have wooden inner walls and ceilings, which puts them into a sort of netherland between tent and regular cabins. None of the tent cabins have private bathrooms or heat; they do all have electricity, though.

The Bug also has 16 cabins with private baths and eight cabins with shared baths. (For the shared-bath cabins, think of a duplex with a dorm-style bathroom between the two units.) The private-bath cabins sleep from 2 - 4 people and range from $85 - $175 per night; the shared-bath cabins sleep from 2 - 5 people and range from $65 - $135 per night.

Finally there's the Starlite House, a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house that sleeps as many as eight people for rates from $105 - $375. Additional guests, up to eleven total, can sleep in the house for $10 per person.

Guests in the 16 tent cabins and the four 4-person hostel rooms all use the lodge's community bathrooms. These are coed and include 4 showers, 3 stalls, and 3 sinks.

Lodging Details:

  • Hostel lodging for $28 - $38 per person
  • 12 uninsulated and 4 insulated tent cabins, $40 - $90
  • 16 cabins with private baths, $85 - $175
  • 8 cabins with shared baths, $65 - $130
  • 3-bedroom, 2-bath house, $105 - $375
  • Coin-op laundry available
  • Pets welcome; $10/stay in tent cabins, $20/stay in other rooms
  • ATM machine available in the front office
  • Restaurant onsite
  • YARTS stop at the lodge's entrance
  • Guest kitchens available
  • Spa with assorted hot and cold baths, massages, yoga
  • Guest rooms do not have TV
  • Free wireless internet access in the lodge (but not in the guest rooms)

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