Rancheria Falls Trail Reviews

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Great hike!
 ·  Tucson  ·  August 10, 2019

This was a great hike - few people especially after the first waterfall. However, we never saw a sign for the campground. Not sure if it is gone as of August 9 or we just missed it in both directions.

Put it on your to do list
 ·  Portland  ·  July 19, 2019

First of all, in the description here it talks about the waterfalls with "it's possible that none of them alone will take your breath away". That's an excellent way to keep Hetch Hetchy a secret, like it's always been. There are some fantastic waterfalls here, while it's true none of them are as big as Yosemite Falls. Actually it's a spectacular hike. It's one of the most memorable I've done, and that's really saying something in light of the fact we just got back from spending 10 days hiking Glacier National Park. When you share your photos with your friends, you'll have something special to wow them with.