Lookout Point Trail Satellite View

Hike Distance:  2.8 miles (4.5 km) round trip
Trailhead Elevation:  4,750 feet (1,450 meters)
Lookout Point Elevation:  5,280 feet (1,610 meters)
Elevation Gain:  500 feet (150 meters)

Despite the large population of wildflowers if you hike early enough in the season, this is, as it appears here, dry, rocky country, and can get quite hot by mid summer.

The road proceeds south of and more or less parallel to Poopenaut Valley, a canyon formed by the Tuolumne River. It's about 2,000 feet lower than Lookout Point and the canyon floor isn't visible from the point; you can see it here, though, by zooming out. The better known Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne is upstream from Hetch Hetchy.