The view from Inspiration Point in Yosemite National Park

Inspiration Point

By the time you get to Inspiration Point, you'll be within a mile and a half of journey's end, at least if you're hiking the Pohono Trail in the direction that allows you to spend the most time converting potential into kinetic energy. The views are similar to those from the Tunnel View, but rogue trees have popped up over the years to block the views in all but a couple narrow spots. Still, when will you be here again? So you might as well wander around a bit and take in what glimpses you can get. Maybe while you're there you can figure out why the Inspiration Point area is partially paved despite the absence of roads in the immediate area. A bit of extra money in the budget that had to be used up? An initiation prank for a beaver fraternity? Jimmy Hoffa's real final resting place? Whoever's responsible will probably never confess.