Dancers at Hanging Rock, Glacier Point

Dancers on Hanging Rock, 1900

Photographer: George Fiske (source)
This is probably the best known of the various daring-people-on-Hanging-Rock photos that were taken in the freewheeling days before the park service fenced the area off (though that still doesn't entirely dissuade people from venturing out there). It was taken by George Fiske (1835-1918), a professional photographer who lived in Yosemite from 1879 until his death.[1] The intrepid models, Kitty Tatch and Katherine Hazelston, were waitresses in the park.[2] They might in fact have comprised a sizeable proportion of the park's waitress population, since in 1906, the earliest year for which the data is posted, Yosemite received a mere 5,414 visitors, about 15 arrivals per day (it currently gets 4 - 5 million visitors per year).[3]