Dewey Point Trail Reviews

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Dewey Point via McGurk Meadow
 ·  San Diego ·  July 26, 2021

Great hike and absolutely spectacular views from Dewey Point. Some moderate climbs, decent shade, overall not the easiest hike but well worth it.

The View is simply breathtaking
 ·  Florida ·  August 27, 2019

I was actually a first time hiker. Newly retired I hiked Yosemite with my daughter. It was a life changer. I loved the physical challenge and the feeling of being so small in this great big world. I'm definitely coming back and planning more trips to national parks. It's never too late.

Badger Pass to Dewey Point
 ·  Dublin California ·  March 31, 2019

Beautiful day of Saturday March 30 2019. My husband and I decided for a snowshoeing hike all the way to Dewey Point. When we reached Dewey Point it was a very rewarding spectacular view. We will do this hike again in summer time without snow.

Best bang for your buck
 ·  South Redondo ·  March 27, 2019

The trail to Dewey Point is so lightly travelled one would think they are much further from the road than a couple of miles. The view from the rim is spectacular. Bring binoculars and maybe you will see rock climbers on the El Capitan "Big Swing". I always suggest this as a great hike for the 1st day in the park. The visitor will get a great perspective.

Lovely hike to Crocker Point
 ·  Sheffield, UK ·  August 23, 2016

Firstly, thank you to whoever made this site. You saved our trip after a lack of planning meant the night before we were going to Yosemite I had no idea what we were going to do there.

After hearing all about the driving, parking, crowd problems at Yosemite, I was worried about how it was all going to work out. We arrived in the park at around 9am, driving directions were excellent and we found the trailhead easily.

The trail was very quiet, we saw no more than a dozen other people on the 4-5 hours we were on it (we walked pretty slow and stopped for lunch), more in the afternoon than the morning. The views at Dewey Point and Crocker Point were breathtaking. Dewey Point was my favourite just for the sheer distance you can see, all the way down the valley and miles ahead. Mcgurk Meadow is also very pretty. Saw more different types of scenery than I thought we would in one fairly short hike and I was as amazed by Yosemite as I'd hoped to be!

I'd say stop at Crocker. ;-)
 ·  San Francisco ·  June 16, 2016

This is a very lovely walk, with stunning views across McGurk Meadow, a nice mellow elevation change (though it's long!), and lots of fun picking one's way over small creeks, if it's a wet year. And the views from Dewey and Crocker points are amazing! Stanford point was rather downhill from Crocker (meaning a fair amount of uphill back), and wasn't as spectacular, sunny, or pointy. I'd recommend just going out to Crocker and back.

Give Dewey Point a Try!
 ·  Oakton, VA ·  July 29, 2015

This was recommended to us by a Conservancy volunteer at an information desk. I hadn't heard of the trail before he suggested it and I'm glad we took him up on his suggestion. McGurk Meadow is filled with beautiful wildflowers, which gives way to a walk through lush forest. The last third or so of the hike is a continuous climb to Dewey Point. We really didn't have any expectations other than some sort of view and were pleasantly surprised by what we saw at the top- absolutely stunning! We only saw a few other people on the trail, so it was a great place to get away from the summer crowds. This was a 3 generation hike for us, including a 10 and 11 year-old and my 63 year old mother. Mom is no gym rat but has a job where she does a lot of walking and while she struggled a bit, she made it! The elevation makes the climbs a bit of a challenge so you might want to build in some extra time for the frequent stops you'll need if you aren't used to pretty intense cardio.

I didn't realize at the time that you could continue down into the valley from there and next time, I'd be tempted to leave the car down there so I could see the other points. McGurk Meadows isn't a scheduled stop on the Yosemite shuttle but we were told they stop there by request. Since it's cooler at that elevation and you're in the forest much of the time, I'd also recommend taking a long-sleeved shirt or a light jacket you can throw on. We definitely needed it coming back in the early evening.

Happy hiking!

A woods hike with a nice view at the end
 ·  Massachusetts ·  July 22, 2015

This hike felt like a stroll through the woods from Glacier Point Rd. There were many wildflowers in July in the meadow and amongst the pine trees. It almost seemed like a manicured woods. It is mostly shaded. The elevation change is gradual, which would have made this a perfect first day hike when we were getting our legs under us. The view from Dewey Point is beautiful, but there are no real view points before this.

something you'll never forget
 ·  italy ·  January 15, 2015

Dennis and I hiked to Dewey's point in January, with lots of snow, on skies. Once we got there we had the most beautiful view of Yosemite I ever had in my life. The hike was grand, easy, long but easy, but the reward was the fantastic view. Once you got there, one could hardly leave it! One of the great memories of my life in the US!

Watch out for bears.
 ·  United States ·  December 11, 2014

I really liked the hike, you go through some real nice meadows and forests. The hike is not that hard, but it is long. I ran into a bear coming back, I think he was a more afraid of me than I was of him. However, if mom had been around I would have been running all the way back to the car. Just pay attention to your surroundings and you will be fine. You walk through some real nice forested areas, Very nice views. The trail splits a couple of times, but you will not get lost, the signs are very good on this trail. Once you get to Dewey Point, you have to take the time to let the views sink in, they are fantastic. You will not be disappointed doing this hike.

A great half day hike
 ·  Mariposa CA ·  October 12, 2014

I liked this hike for a couple of reasons.

One: not too crowded. Two: great views once you're there.

Easy hike but it is eight miles so no wimps.

I saw a bear on this trail so pay attention to your surroundings. I can't wait to do more on the south side.

Amazing Sunrise
 ·  Kentucky ·  August 15, 2013

We camped near Dewey Point on our first night of an 8 day, 95 mile trek starting at Tunnel View. I woke up early the next morning to catch the sunrise. We broke camp quickly and went over to a little spur ridge just below Dewey point to make breakfast. Sitting on the edge overlooking the valley as the sun came up while drinking a cup of coffee was probably my favorite moment of an amazing hike that included Sentinel Dome, Glacier Point, Cloud's Rest, Tenaya Lake, North Dome and El Capitan.

A very nice way to spend the day.
 ·  Central Florida ·  July 14, 2012

I hiked it in June. Started at Glacier Point Road and ended at Tunnel View Overlook.

Very nice hike. McGurk Meadow has a log cabin just as you approach it. Much bigger meadow than I expected. I was there fairly early in the morning and was hoping to see some wildlife. Unfortunately, I didn't. Dewey and Crocker points are great views of El Capitan from a perspective you can't get anywhere else. I missed Stanford Point. Didn't see a trail cutting off the Pohono Trail. I think I figured out, too late, where I should have turned.

If you take this hike be sure and take the time to take the short sidetrip to Artist Point. I did, even though I had hiked to Artist Point just a few days before. I promise you, you won't regret it.

Crowd? The first two people I saw were hiking up the trail. I met them just before I got to Inspiration Point. There were less than a dozen people at Inspiration Point and I met a handful of people going down from Inspiration Point to Tunnel View.

Long hike, but not hard, if you do it from top to bottom.

Reward for the effort: 3 out of 5

(I could give it a 4 out of 5, but there are so many other hikes that have even greater rewards for the effort that I didn't just want to give all of them 5 out of 5s.)

McGurk Trail to Dewey Point
 ·  Orange County ·  July 2, 2012

I have been going to Yosemite for over 20 years and hiking from McGurk Meadows to Dewey Point was a great hike! The spectacular view from Dewey Point was a surprise and I highly recommend it to those folks who cannot climb Half Dome or Clouds Rest for the views. The mileage was slightly off at the trailhead and we counted 10 miles round-trip. It took us about 3 hours with breaks included to reach Dewey Point. We spent over an hour admiring the views, eating lunch, and watching the black crows.